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Construction consulting

Functions of general contractor

  •  Ensuring the construction of the necessary material and technical resources
  • The organization of the work on construction of the facility in accordance with the approved project documentation
  • All work in accordance with the overall construction schedule and financing plan of the object as its own, and the forces involved subcontractors
  • Coordination of construction, including the coordination of the activities of subcontractors
  • Enforcement of technologies in the construction of the object
  • Occupational safety and health, safety, fire safety, rational use of the territory and the environment during the construction
  • Putting into operation “turnkey”, including design executive documentation

Functions of customer

  • Preparation of design and estimate documentation, its coordination and approval in accordance with established procedure
  • Accounting and reporting on funding, including design construction contracts with the general contractor
  • At the initial stage – for supervising the topographical, geological surveys, surveys of air, soil, etc.
  • Overall supervision of the construction, including – technical supervision, organization of supervision over the project’s implementation on the part of designers
  • Carrying out the commissioning of completed construction projects

Perform technical supervision

  • At the initial stage of technical supervision is involved in the development of design estimates, in the schedule of work
  • Exercise control over compliance with the technical aspects of running project
  • For construction expertise if necessary (for example, the quality of the materials used)
  • Control over compliance with deadlines at all stages of construction, as well as the corresponding volume of works project documentation
  • Control over the correct conduct of technical and executive documentation
  • Interim acceptance after each stage of the work with the participation of a contractor
  • Control over the removal of defects or errors detected during operation

Construction management

  • Organization and holding of tenders for selection of contractors
  • Develop a program of construction
  • The organization of the construction process
  • Assistance in obtaining all permits
  • Control of construction time
  • Construction budget control
  • Quality control of work performed
  • Control over the execution of all contractual obligations

Collecting all initial permits

  • Engineering surveys
  • Getting all the technical conditions
  • Getting all the original data (certificates, opinions)
  • Coordination of project documentation
  • Obtaining a building permit

Search and acquisition of land in any region of the Russian Federation

Our main customers – a foreign company, therefore we provide services to adapt the project to the norms of the Russian Federation

Adaptation of the project to the norms of the Russian Federation:

  • Translation of all technical documentation
  • Analysis and evaluation of technical solutions
  • Assessment of the feasibility of the project in the Russian Federation
  • Coordination of the documentation in all the supervisory authorities of the Russian Federation

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