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The company LLC “Time Building” performs all kinds of jobs that are in demand in the construction industry. For construction activity, our company has all the necessary licenses and regulatory documentation. Modern technical base and high level of professional training of our staff allows the entire list of construction works of any level of complexity. On all kinds of works and services produced, we provide long-term guarantees

Dismantling of buildings and structures

  • Classic dismantling of buildings can be trusted only large construction company with experience in such work, qualified staff and the necessary equipment. Each demolished building has its own characteristics, which relate to the material and thickness of the walls, floors, roofs, and other device parameters. I can bear any building – concrete, brick, wood or shlakoblochnogo. However, after the demolition is necessary to dismantle and clean the foundation of all construction waste to the site was ready for further work. Each stage requires the demolition of his approach and his technique. And of course the company “Building Time” is able to provide all of this.

The organization of the construction site

  •   To create favorable conditions for the start of pre-construction works carried out preparatory work.
    The scope of work to prepare the construction site for the new construction include: fencing area; land clearing and demolition of existing buildings; realignment of interfering utilities; protection of territory from surface water runoff; laying of temporary roads and communications; installation of temporary residential, warehouse, administrative and cultural and other areas.

Сoncrete work

  •   In building on the concrete work usually takes from ten to fifty percent of all jobs. When work requires concrete foundation, floors, stairs, basement, gratings, walls, and more. Therefore it is very important to observe the technology of concrete work to prevent premature deterioration of the house.
    The company “Building Time” deals has all the necessary resources to conduct concrete and monolithic works.

Internal engineering systems

  • Heating and heating
  • Ventilation and air conditioning
  • Sewerage and water supply
  • Power supply and power supply
  • Video surveillance and access control
  • Fire and burglar alarm

Outside engineering systems

  • The thermal network
  • Water supply systems
  • Sewers
  • Electricity network
  • Drainage systems

Installation of metal

  • Our specialists provide a highly professional installation of metal structures of any complexity. Our company performs as a list of works on installation, and to strengthen the existing metal structures at any height. Installation of steel can be performed by welding or bolting, depending on what is more appropriate.

Roofing and insulation work

  • The design of the roof is quite complicated – it consists of several components and layers. Therefore trust the roofing work should only professionals. The slightest mistake made during installation of the roof, will inevitably lead to leakage. And then you have to repair not only the roof, but the whole building. In the list of services provided by our company, has everything to do with arrangement of the roof.

Finishing work

  •  Finishing work is the final stage in the construction of buildings and structures. Their purpose – to give a building or structure finished look. Our experts will carry out all kinds of finishing work: glass, plaster, facing, painting, floor cleaner device, the device door.


  • Landscaping involves a whole range of activities. Our specialists are ready to perform such work as installation of curbs, paving laying.


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