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Any construction project starts with its “paper” prototype – a project that represents a set of well-defined documentation. LLC “TIME BUILDING” provides a full range of design work. It offers experienced designers, capable of satisfying the optimum time to create your project requirements. You do not have to go to various authorities. Working with us, you get a comprehensive approach. All necessary for professional services: heating and ventilation systems, sewerage and water supply, air-conditioning, power supply, design – everything is in our company. Professionally designed project allows to minimize the cost of construction or repair due to optimal selection of building materials and the choice of design solutions. Matter how well designed this or that project, and timing dependent start of construction, and operation, and the quality of the finished object.

Work is carried out at a constant collaboration with the customer. In the process of individual design options is carried out step by step with the approval of building regulations, requirements and personal wishes of the customer. The drawings are executed in computer graphics and have high accuracy. To provide our clients and customers in the development of projects services beyond the normal construction and are used for the successful implementation of complex projects. This applies primarily to the preparatory and accompanying works in the field of project development, project management, consulting developers, as well as the design and operation of ready-made objects. We are working with customers to develop the best solutions for the entire life cycle of the project is technically and economically optimal design concept.

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